Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3's First Expansion Adds New Missions And Modes September 30

Nintendo of Europe tweeted out this image, our first look at the Marvel Knight’s in-game models.
Nintendo of Europe tweeted out this image, our first look at the Marvel Knight’s in-game models.

The first of three planned downloadable expansions for the Switch-exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Curse of the Vampire adds one and a half vampires to the game’s roster and an all-new rapid-fire co-op challenge called Gauntlet Mode on September 30.


Detailed on Nintendo UK’s page for the Ultimate Alliance 3 expansion pass, Gauntlet Mode pits one to four players against a series of co-op challenges, where they can earn rewards for their efforts. The expansion pack also introduces an Endurance Mode, which sounds like a survival mode with online leaderboards, and a new Infinity Rift filled with its own unique missions.

All of that plus Moon Knight, Punisher, Morbius the Living Vampire, and Blade the Half-Vampire. I stopped listening after Moon Knight.

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I need to eventually beat this game. I kinda gave up when I was trying to play the story co-op with my niece and nephew on the easiest level and the Ultron fight was insufferably hard. I eventually just went and did it myself. For a game that should be the perfect co-op game to play with kids, it is damn near impossible unless everyone can coordinate attacks and stuff. Trying to get a seven year old to dodge AOEs that last on the screen for two seconds might be one of the most frustrating gaming moments of the year for me. They eventually just asked to go back to Mario Party because it was no fun dying all the time.

I’m a teacher and I have had parents of students reach out to me asking if this game is good for their 2nd and 3rd grader and I told them no, which is a shame.