That Time A Video Game Changed The Way I Walked

It's strange to remember just how easily influenced I was. Embarrassing to admit just how obsessively I was able to actually love one. single. video game. » 1/30/15 8:00pm 1/30/15 8:00pm

The Creator Of Monkey Island Is Making A New Adventure Game

Oh my goodness. OH MY GOODNESS. Ron Gilbert, best known as the creator of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, just launched a Kickstarter for a brand new old-school point-and-click adventure game that looks just about incredible. » 11/18/14 2:00pm 11/18/14 2:00pm

The one thing I really liked in classic LucasArts adventure games was how full they were with colorful details. Venezuelan artist Glen Fernandez Sardi did a great job bringing these memories back with his digital paintings featuring Monkey Island 2, Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango. » 7/14/14 8:30am 7/14/14 8:30am

One Year Ago Today, Disney Shut Down LucasArts

On April 3, 2013, the executives of Lucasfilm gathered the staff of LucasArts in a big room and dropped a bomb: Disney had decided to shut down the iconic video game studio. » 4/03/14 10:00am 4/03/14 10:00am

16-Bit Characters Fit Perfectly In Real-Life Environments

Mixing old video game sprites with real life is not one of the most difficult artforms, but if you're creative enough the results can be immensely atmospheric, just as the latest pieces from deviantART user Victor Sauron show. » 7/31/13 5:15pm 7/31/13 5:15pm

An Escape From Monkey Island Retrospective from a former LucasArts…

I got my break into the game industry as a game tester at LucasArts back in 2000. One of my favorite titles to test was the fourth game in the Monkey Island franchise, Escape from Monkey Island. It was a year of long hours checking every aspect of the game from the dialogue to the difficulty of the puzzles. I must… » 7/16/13 3:00pm 7/16/13 3:00pm

LucasArts Characters Are Hilarious In This Butt Kicking Tribute

LucasArts might be gone, but the characters from its classic adventure games live on. In YouTube user Felipe Machado's video, the worlds of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and almost everything else LucasArts did in the 90s collide for terrific a mini-adventure. » 5/08/13 8:00am 5/08/13 8:00am

A Visual History of Attractive Video Game Characters: The 90s

By the end of the 90s, the 16-bit era ended and 3D took over. With the PlayStation and 3D graphics cards out there allowing for new possibilities, narrative and gameplay, the 90s produced some of the most attractive characters in video game history. » 4/30/13 6:00pm 4/30/13 6:00pm

Real Life Photos Mixed With 16-Bit Video Games Are Amazing

The 16-bit era had unique visuals. Simple yet bright and colorful, we could always get lost in the tiny details. Taking parts of these memorable games and mixing them with a real life environment might sound odd, but if done right the results are beautiful. » 4/18/13 8:15pm 4/18/13 8:15pm

A Thousand Voices Cry Out for LucasArts, in Eulogies of 140 Characters

LucasArts, a nearly 30-year-old cornerstone brand in video gaming, said today it would cease all development. It was more than a publisher of Star Wars video games, like Dark Forces or X-Wing. LucasArts gave us point-and-click adventures from the halcyon days of the genre, like The Secret of Monkey Island, Grim… » 4/03/13 2:30pm 4/03/13 2:30pm

The Most Beautiful Cartoon-Style Adventure Games

After LucasArts' brilliant 1993 game Day of the Tentacle, cartoon-style point-and-click adventure games slowly became their own sub-genre. Although the genre has had its ups and downs, these games are still around: Think Gemini Rue or the new Broken Sword. » 3/21/13 9:00pm 3/21/13 9:00pm

The Noisiest, Dirtiest Bars and Taverns in Video Games

Bars, clubs and noisy taverns are always crucial locations in a story-driven game. They are save points, places where we can sell useless stuff from our inventory, gather information, meet a key character, or just simply get into trouble. » 3/08/13 4:00pm 3/08/13 4:00pm

A History Of Adventure Games, Told Through Awesome Art

Artist Jón Kristinsson runs a site called Point n' Clicking, where he posts images of famous adventure game characters (or casts). Some are recent, some are old, some are very old, but all are fantastic, capturing the spirit and tone of the games they're paying homage to. » 3/03/13 11:00pm 3/03/13 11:00pm

The Romantic Moments In Video Games That Remind You Of Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day putting us all in a romantic mood it was our duty to gather some of the defining aaaawww moments video games offer. » 2/14/13 5:00pm 2/14/13 5:00pm

This Team Fortress 2 Re-Creation Of Monkey Island's Three Trials Scene…

Fans of Secret of Monkey Island, the 1990 point-n-click adventure game, will undoubtedly remember the infamous "three trials" scene, in which protagonist Guybrush Threepwood proclaims to Mêlée Island's pirate leaders that he, too, would like to be a pirate. » 1/31/13 8:07pm 1/31/13 8:07pm

The Most Interesting Pirate-Themed Levels And Areas

It's not that hard to find great pirate-themed video game zones and levels. Gigantic ships, pirate hideouts on mysterious islands (or in space), full of treasure, topped with a Caribbean atmosphere; an ever-returning element of video games that will always be a pleasure to the eye. We've collected some of the most… » 1/25/13 6:30pm 1/25/13 6:30pm