On this episode of Complete In Box, we’ve got not one, but two copies of the classic adventure game The Secret of Monkey Island. The boxes are identical—but the games on the floppy disks inside are definitely not.

On Kotaku’s new series Complete In Box, I open up a complete copy of a classic game to discover how the box, manual, and everything else inside the package changed our gameplay experience. On today’s episode, we delve into the world of “big box” PC games, with LucasArts’ fondly-remembered 1990 classic The Secret of Monkey Island.

My friend Frank Cifaldi, the director of the Video Game History Foundation, is a big LucasArts fan, and he joins me on this episode with his very rare EGA, 16-color version of the game, which was how it was originally crafted by its creators. And I bring my VGA, 256-color edition, which is what most people played back in the day, and the only edition that you can buy today on Steam and other services.


We also investigate the mysterious disappearance of the dog.

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