Blade & Soul Has No Teens or Harems, Just Action and Vengeance

When I talk with older anime fans, the biggest complaint I hear is that everything has become nothing but moé, angsty, high school, love-harems. They claim they want exciting action shows with an adult cast and grown-up stories. To those people, I say this: “Blade & Soul is the anime for you.” » 7/15/14 8:00am 7/15/14 8:00am

Mother Surprises Test-Taking Daughter With Bus Load Of Cosplayers

China's National College Entrance Examinations are extremely hard and extremely important. The stress of this once in a year test is enough to put the best students on edge. For one mother in South China's Sichuan province, the end of the test was an opportunity to surprise her daughter with — cosplay! » 6/09/14 7:40am 6/09/14 7:40am

Everything WildStar Has To Offer In One Final Pre-Launch Trailer

Carbide Studios' massively multiplayer online science fiction role-playing game launches a week from today, with early start kicking off Saturday morning at 12:01 am Pacific. That makes this final features trailer the big pre-launch push for WildStar — if you don't see something you like here, just keep on playing… » 5/27/14 4:00pm 5/27/14 4:00pm

The Horde And Alliance Battle Over Bikes In Azeroth Choppers

With American Chopper having been off the air since 2012 and nothing pressing happening with the World of Warcraft team other than a major expansion pack, now's the perfect time for Blizzard to tap world-famous motorized bicycle designer Paul Teutul, Jr. for a web-based reality show. It's Azeroth Choppers, you guys. » 4/17/14 4:05pm 4/17/14 4:05pm