Final Fantasy XIV's 'Reflections In Crystal' Update Arrives On August 11

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Originally due in June before being pushed back multiple times due to covid-19 related concerns, Final Fantasy XIV’s next big update, “Reflections in Crystal, is finally on track for an August 11 release.

According to the latest letter from the producer published on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone website, the developers were originally aiming at a mid-July release for the upcoming patch, but determined they needed more time to test and debug the next YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse alliance raid and new large-scale encounters. Game director Naoki Yoshida, AKA Yoshi-P, said that the QA testing made working in the office necessary, and additional time was necessary to prepare a working environment that adhered to social distancing guidelines.

Once patch 5.3 is out the door, the Final Fantasy XIV team plans to return to its original update schedule of approximately every three and a half months.


Along with the second installment of the Nier-themed YoRHa raid content, the “Reflections in Crystal” update concludes the story of the Shadowbringers expansion, adds dwarf beast tribe quests, streamlines the lengthy A Realm Reborn story questline, and adds flying to the game’s original zones.

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They previously hinted at making the 9.43 hours of cutscenes in Castrum and Praetorium skippable with this update, I don’t see that mentioned anywhere, any indication that that is happening?

I love farming those for the EXP on alts jobs, but when it takes 1 full play session to clear both dungeons, it begs the question of efficiency vs farming FATES and leveling queue.