The Never-Ending Battle of PlanetSide 2 Becomes Three Minutes of Stunning CGI

Premiering live today at the 2012 China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, PlanetSide 2's 'Death is No Excuse' CGI trailer takes the spirit of Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming massively multiplayer online first-person shooter and dresses it up in a fancy coat of blood-splattered CGI. If only the game were… »7/25/12 10:00pm7/25/12 10:00pm

PlanetSide 2 Plays Like a First-Person Shooter, Not a Massively Multiplayer Compromise

The original massively multiplayer online FPS, PlanetSide »6/13/12 4:00pm6/13/12 4:00pm, promised competitive first-person shooting on a massive scale. It got the scale right, but tech limitations made for gameplay that was a pale shadow of its more traditional shooter counterparts. With technology has finally caught up to Sony Online…