Hope You're Ready For Some New PlanetSide

We already know Sony Online Entertainment is working on a new Planetside game. That's...about all we know. We should know more come July 8, though, as that's when a countdown clock on the series' website expires.


Yes, a countdown clock. I am truly sorry for drawing attention to the laziest and most frustrating marketing ploy of all, but since we already know about this game, this timer will be to tell (or show) us something of value.

Actually, it's already told us something: this game is called PlanetSide 2, because it says so in the URL, and the favicon for the site has a lovely little "2" icon in it.

The July 8 date coincides with Sony Online Entertainment's Fan Faire, which runs from July 7-9 in Las Vegas.

The original PlanetSide was a blend of FPS and MMO, released on the PC in 2003. While it never really came together, thanks to the limited technology of the time, its mere promise was enough to garner it a decent following.


[PlanetSide 2]

(Top image courtesy of PlanetSide Universe)

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