The Never-Ending Battle of PlanetSide 2 Becomes Three Minutes of Stunning CGI

Premiering live today at the 2012 China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, PlanetSide 2's 'Death is No Excuse' CGI trailer takes the spirit of Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming massively multiplayer online first-person shooter and dresses it up in a fancy coat of blood-splattered CGI. If only the game were so pretty.

That's not saying PlanetSide 2 isn't pretty. It's as lovely as a game of its ilk can possibly be while still conforming to the laws of not-requiring-a-computer-from-the-future.

Whenever I see an elaborate CGI production like this it just reassures me that there's still plenty of room for video game graphics to improve before we get to the awkward photo-realistic phase. Hopefully I'll be dead by then.

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So who's going for what faction in the beta or when it comes out?

I used to roll for the Terrans but it seemed that they weren't so popular on my server

So this time around I might roll New Conglomerate so I can obnoxiously yell, FREEEEDOOOOOM!!!!