Log Horizon Makes You Really Think About Being Trapped in an MMO

Log Horizon is one of the fall season's best anime. It’s not particularly action-filled, but it takes its sci-fi premise and runs with it—addressing the logical implications of being trapped in an MMO world. The second half of the series steps it up a notch and adds war, international politics, and magic to the mix. » 3/25/14 7:00am 3/25/14 7:00am

Celebrate The Transformers Universe Beta With Two New Bots

The massively online tactical action Transformers Universe has officially entered closed beta this weekend, giving developer Jagex the perfect opportunity to dole out brand new Autobots and Decepticons like they own the place. Meet Front-Line and Conduit. » 3/15/14 2:14pm 3/15/14 2:14pm

​A Comic That Perfectly Captures The Evil Genius Of Eve Online Players

One giant, horrifically expensive space ship destroying another, while its crew erupts in gleeful laughter. Yep, that sure looks like EVE Online. Starting today, you can get the first issue of a new comic-book series based on the infamous sci-fi corporate warfare MMO for free. » 2/19/14 5:00pm 2/19/14 5:00pm

EVE Online is Building a Monument in Iceland for All of Its Players

One week after declaring they will build an in-game memorial to the ships lost at the colossal Battle of B-R5RB, Eve Online publisher has decided to go whole hog and erect a monument, in real life, to all EVE Online players. Anyone who is an active player on March 1 will get his or her name engraved on it. » 2/05/14 11:02am 2/05/14 11:02am

EVE's Giant Space Battle Is Getting A Memorial: "Titanomachy"

EVE Online will erect a memorial to the 21-hour, all-out space battle that spanned Monday and Tuesday, commemorating the loss of 75 Titans—the largest ship in the spacefaring MMO. The total damage done may translate to more than $300,000 in real money, but it is the loss of the Titans that defines the Battle of B-R5RB. » 1/29/14 4:39pm 1/29/14 4:39pm