Amazon's New World MMO Delayed Again, Now Due August 31

Beware the gaping red delay hole.
Beware the gaping red delay hole.
Screenshot: Amazon

Originally slated for release in May of 2020, Amazon Game Studios’ free-to-play MMO New World slipped to August of 2020 and then to spring of 2021. According to the latest developer update, the game is now launching on August 31, 2021, with a closed beta starting July 20.


The latest delay for the relatively eagerly-anticipated game from Amazon’s somewhat troubled game studio, according to the update, is to give developers more time to implement and polish new end-game features, while making sure all the moving parts work correctly. New World game director Scot Lane offered a similar explanation for the delay in a video posted to YouTube.

I’ve not played in any of New World’s alpha events, but as an MMO fan I am looking forward to digging into this weird fictional take on American colonization. Here’s hoping this final delay is actually final.

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