Guild Wars Gets An Update For Its 14th Birthday

Guild Wars might have a more modern sequel, but the 2005 original is still around and kicking, and for the game’s 14th birthday developers ArenaNet have given the game a little update.

Via Massivelyop, it’s nothing major, but long-time fans might appreciate some of the tweaks. They include the return of The Augur of Kormir costume to the store, a master volume slider, clock options (ie show your time vs server time), some server crashes, like I said, nothing big.


But if you’re still playing a game from 2005, it must be nice knowing there’s some level of support, even if it is making a comeback (Guild Wars’ support page had been gone for ages after the game was practically abandoned in 2013, and only returned in February).

The full list of patch notes can be found here.

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