MMA Contender Trained for His Title Shot with Tekken

Tonight, Uriah Hall faces Kelvin Gastelum in the middleweight final of The Ultimate Fighter. Hall is an up-and-comer in top flight mixed martial arts, thought to be a contender in a middleweight division whose title holder is Anderson Silva, one of the best fighters in the world. But how Hall got to this stage is even… » 4/13/13 11:00am 4/13/13 11:00am

UFC 3 Puts Pride In Its Work

Pride Fighting Championship rules—these would be ones permitting head stomps and soccer kicks to the noggin—are among a set of features for the officially announced UFC Undisputed 3 that will expand on the leading mixed martial arts simulation title and incorporate many qualities of its short-lived competition. » 6/02/11 10:40pm 6/02/11 10:40pm

MMA Contender Muscles Up For an M-Rated Release

Unsanctioned, underground and uncompromising, says the mixed martial arts title Supremacy MMA. It's also unrated as of now, but if it's got a shattered femur flopping around in it, one can expect the game to be rated M. » 1/12/11 6:00pm 1/12/11 6:00pm

UFC Sues Ubisoft Over Two Words On The Back Of A Bad Game

Two words on the back cover boilerplate of Fighters Uncaged have invited a lawsuit from Dana White and the UFC, which will probably supply a fresh dose of publicity for a game bound for the bargain bin after terrible reviews. » 12/10/10 9:30pm 12/10/10 9:30pm

Lightweights and Welterweights Round Out EA Sports MMA Roster

Seventeen more fighters at the welterweight and lightweight divisions complete the EA Sports MMA roster, bringing to 60 the total number of combatants in the game. » 8/31/10 8:30pm 8/31/10 8:30pm

Middleweights Add Another 15 Fighters To EA Sports MMA

Movin' right along - EA Sports MMA is revealing its roster piecemeal. This week we're shown 22 fighters eligible at the game's middleweight class, eight of which were also revealed as light heavyweights last week. » 8/24/10 9:30pm 8/24/10 9:30pm

Light Heavyweights Add Another Dozen Fighters to EA Sports MMA Roster

EA Sports MMA is revealing its roster of fighters week by week, beginning with the heavyweights last week. This week, a 17-fighter light heavyweight roster was unveiled. » 8/17/10 8:30pm 8/17/10 8:30pm

Sixteen Fighters Make Up EA Sports MMA's Heavyweight Division

Madden launch week is probably not the best time to drop pre-release hype for your sports game, unless you're EA Sports MMA. Those guys will take on anyone, anywhere, anytime. » 8/09/10 8:30pm 8/09/10 8:30pm

UFC Undisputed 2010 Packs New Modes, Moves, Fighters Into May's Title

After seeing tremendous success with mixed martial arts game UFC Undisputed 2009, THQ is back this year to show of a game sporting more fighters, more combat nuance and robust online support. » 3/26/10 12:00pm 3/26/10 12:00pm

First Screen Of MMA's Sweaty, Well-Muscled Men

The first screenshot for EA Sports' MMA appeared in Sports Illustrated this week, showing off the development teams' firm grasp of men firmly grasping each other. » 10/27/09 1:20pm 10/27/09 1:20pm

Peter Moore: Boxing is "the Past"

Electronic Arts has long been rumored to have eyes for a mixed martial arts title. IGN got to the EA Sports chief at a launch event and asked, obliquely, if that was so. » 3/15/09 5:00pm 3/15/09 5:00pm