UFC Undisputed Sells 3.5 Million

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Before UFC 2009 Undisputed came out, publisher THQ was in trouble. Now that it's out, THQ is doing just fine. That'll happen when a single game sells millions.


THQ announced this morning that across the 360 and PS3 the game has sold 3.5 million copies, and to celebrate will now be appearing on both console's budget lines, dropping its price to $29.99.


I'm not the world's biggest UFC fan, but this game is pretty great. That's no small feat, to overcome adversity like that.

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I know I'll get ripped for this, but I wish the controls were a bit more accessible. That was my major gripe with the game.

My minor gripe was the enormous jump in difficulty from easy to medium. I feel like most games are designed to be played on Medium, but the AI was kind of cheesy and how else was I gonna get good enough to play online?

I respect a learning curve, but I don't have ages to learn new controls. There's too many games I need to play.