Angry Birds Pork Products, How I Wish They Came With Scrambled Eggs

China has some very interesting culinary habits some of which folks from the west will find just outright whacky. One slightly normal but definitely strange habit is the Chinese love for pork products, and in particular the ham sausage (火腿肠). Now Rovio and Chinese pork products producer, JoyCome, have partnered… »5/14/12 6:00am5/14/12 6:00am

Watch as Indie Game: The Movie Moves Fez's Phil Fish to Tears

It's taken a long time for Fez to get finished. It's taken a long time for Indie Game: The Movie to get finished, too. So, when filmmakers Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky showed the documentary to gamemaker Phil Fish—who, along with Braid creator Jonathan Blow and the two-man Team Meat, is one of the indie… »11/28/11 4:40pm11/28/11 4:40pm