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Japan's Macho Restaurant Serves Up Real Beefcakes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

From the folks that gave us the Macho Cafe, comes this: the Macho Meat Shop. Hope you like your beef lean and muscular!

Located in Tokyo, the Macho Nikuya (“nikuya” can mean “butcher” or “meat shop”) is staffed by musclebound men who are prone to flex poses while serving up raw beef.


[Photo: namaramuniku]


[Photo: 5000KTR]

The idea behind the cafe is protein and meaty dudes.

[Photos: medicalesthe]

Maybe that’s why it has raw egg drinks, plenty of steaks and lets you feed buff guys?


[Photo: greatsaiyaman02 | Fuji TV]

Popular Japanese morning show Mezamashi TV recently visited the restaurant, and announcer Misato Nagano was encircled by macho men, striking poses.


[Photo: risa20140819 | Fuji TV]



[Photo: tatsuya_win]

Macho Nikuya is only open for a limited time. It will run until November 9.


[Photo: mtt75matsuchann | Fuji TV]

That means one thing.


[Photo: nakakemh | Fuji TV]

There’s still time.

For more info, check out the restaurant’s official site. You can also follow Mezamashi TV on Twitter, if you like!


Top image: cx_mezamashi | Fuji TV

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