And now so are you.

Arby's never-ending crusade to get people to accept mayonnaise on a smoked brisket sandwich has culminated in this — a 13 hour live stream of a piece of seasoned meat inside of a smoker. While it took a visit to Arby's test kitchen in Atlanta to convince me of the Smokehouse Brisket sandwich's worthiness, 14,000 people could not fit inside of the building, so they are doing this.

Seems it's hard for some folks to believe that a fast food restaurant would spend 13 hours on anything, let alone the meat for a single sandwich. So Arby's ran a 13-hour commercial in Minnesota over the weekend (via Uproxx), and now it's live-streaming slow-cooking animal flesh.


As of this writing, 14,681 people are watch the stream. That's the stupid magic of the internet, ladies and gentlemen, bringing large groups of people from all over the world together to do completely pointless things. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to take a ride down the street, dammit.

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