You know conveyor belt sushi, right? Little plates of sushi go around on a conveyor belt. Well, it also appears there is conveyor belt meat. Yes, raw meat.

Last month, Japanese website Gigazine visited a conveyor belt meat restaurant called Issoyoubin in Mie Prefecture.

[Photo: Tabelog]

Conveyor belt sushi is called "kaiten zushi" (回転寿司)in Japanese, with "kaiten" meaning "to rotate" or "to revolve."

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Like a sushi go-round, plates of raw food are moved around the restaurant via conveyor belt. But these are plates of raw meat to make yakiniku (grilled meat) at your table.

[Photos: Gigazine]

Usually, when you eat yakiniku, you order big plates of meat, then grill them at your table, and then dip the grilled meat in sauce and eat. Conveyor belt yakiniku places are very rare in Japan.

[Photo: Tabelog]

There are different plates with different kinds of meat with, yes, different prices. So the cheapest meat is 100 yen (about US$1) a plate, while the most expensive is a gold plate of Matsusaka beef for 1,150 yen ($11).

[Photo: Gigazine]

When you see a plate of meat you want, you just press a button to open the sneezeguard and take the meat. Like so:

These guards also seem to help keep the meat fresh.

While Issoyoubin has been around for a while now, I've never been to a conveyor belt grilled meat restaurant. I should would love to give this one a try.

[Photo: Gigazine]

肉やホルモンがレーンを流れてくる「回転焼肉」で満腹になるまで食べまくった [Gigazine]

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