MAG to Charge for Monthly/Annual Subscription?

An email titled "Short Survey. Big New Game." has gone out to PlayStation Underground, reports The BitBag, and it tips its hand to pricing plans for MAG » 9/27/08 7:00pm 9/27/08 7:00pm, the working title of the combat MMO Sony The survey featured "at least 15 questions related to payment plans for the game," says Bitbag. "Seems Sony’s plan is to…

PS3 "Massive Action Game" Announced; Promises Battles Up to 256 Players

Click to viewSony saved the final announcement of its E3 keynote for a concept using the placehold title of "MAG: Massive Action Game," Unveiled by Andy Beaudoin from Zipper Interactive, MAG - whose trailer looked like "SOCOM set 15 years into the future," according to our eyes on the scene, will immerse players in… » 7/15/08 4:10pm 7/15/08 4:10pm