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MAG Beta Invites Going Out To Way More Than 256 People

Illustration for article titled MAG Beta Invites Going Out To Way More Than 256 People

Time to check your e-mail, PS3 fans. Those desperately wanting to get into the MAG beta might already have an invite cooling in your inbox, getting you one step closer to shooting the bejeezus out of your PlayStation 3 peers.


Zipper Interactive's Massive Action Game has already been beta testing for a select few, but it appears this round of invites is going out to a much much larger group—the kind needed to test those 256-player battles in a more accurate setting.

The potential bad news is the warning that "registration does not guarantee participation," which means some MAG hopefuls may remain just that.


Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Haven't seen this e-mail yet, but frankly I don't know if I'd play the beta even if I got in. MAG doesn't strike me as the kind of game I'd enjoy. I hope a lot of Kotakuites get in and get to have fun with it, though.