GameStop Wants The Girls To Spend The Night With John Madden

It's Madden Day — and video game retailer GameStop is hoping to soak up some of those "pink ocean" dollars, tapping into what it think is a currently untapped market of women gamers who not only love the Wii, but also »8/12/08 8:00pm8/12/08 8:00pm love NFL football. GameStop has launched the "Girls Night In" device, a site "designed to help…

Sam's Club Prints Your New Madden Favre Cover While You Wait

Those of you planning to pick up your copy of Madden NFL 09 at your local Sam's Club may be in for a bit more value than the usual discounted prices. An official for the warehouse store dropped us a line this morning to let us know that Sam's Club locations with photo centers will print out a high-quality version of… »8/12/08 1:40pm8/12/08 1:40pm