Late last night people crowded into stores and at least one Rose Bowl to snatch up a copy of Madden NFL 09. This marking the 20th anniversary of the game, Madden has been getting even more hype than usual this year round with mainstream press pointing to the game's successes as proof that video gaming has gone mainstream. And of course, Electronic Arts is quick to point out that this Madden is a keeper.

"Madden NFL 09 truly embodies the rich history of Madden NFL football," said Senior Producer Phil Frazier. "With adaptable gameplay, stunning visuals, and beyond broadcast presentation this game is a fantastic and competitive experience for all types of gamers."

Personally, I'm not much of a sport fan which means I'm also not much of a video game sports fan, but despite that I play a bit of Madden every year when it comes out and, more importantly, I enjoy it.Before sitting down to the latest Madden I always think, sometimes even write, that this year's Madden can't be worth the price of admission, that it can't possibly squeeze anymore nuance into a game that's been recreated 19 times before. And every year I'm surprised to find just enough difference to make it worth while. This year the game promises 85 new enhancements including a Virtual Training Center, Adaptive Difficulty Engine and of course another boost to graphics. But is it worth it? I haven't yet sat down to see this time around, but have you or are you planning on buying Madden 09?