Time to get our big, brutish, manly hands on a small chunk of the latest installment of EA's Madden NFL franchise! The demo for Madden NFL 09 is up on Xbox Live, with it's presence on the PlayStation store imminent. It's 1.08 GB of pure football power, crafted lovingly the most skilled football artisans and doused with just enough sweaty locker room smell to make you nostalgic without making you nauseous. I've already started getting my own particular brand of football fever, having already purchased, played, and traded in NCAA to prepare for my impeding purchase, playing, and trading of Madden NFL 09. What can I say? There is only so much room in my life for football and football-related knowledge. For instance, as far as I know, the above screenshot depicts the Colts versus Radio Shack. Oh, and a FaceBreaker demo is out too. Yay. Demo: Madden NFL 09 And Guest [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]