Fans hoping to get into EA's celebration of all things Madden at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California this Monday have pretty limited options when it comes to scoring entry into the event. They can either win tickets via local Southern California radio stations, or stand in line and hope they're one of the first 1,00 people there. Xbox Live's Larry Hryb offers gamers a third option for acquiring Maddenpalooza tickets - email him! EA has hooked the Major up with 25 pairs of tickets, which he will award randomly to folks who email him between now and 9AM Pacific time tomorrow. He'll notify winners tomorrow afternoon, giving you a good four days to figure out how the hell you're going to make it to Pasadena in time. PROTIP - If you live in Pasadena, don't move. I've got your tickets to the Maddenpalooza event in Pasadena [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]