Holo-Madden Issues An IQ Test

The graphics whore within wishes that Madden NFL 09 looked like this all the time (and that a holographic John Madden could be called upon for advice at any moment, should we need to know the barbeque time on sausages or find out if Ace hardware had something in stock). We think the "Madden IQ Test" revealed last month is a fantastic introduction for people who are terrible at virtual football, as I am, so that they can have a good measure of their skill level before playing. Maybe it's just so easy to place John in an AT-AT or Death Star transmission with that bluish interlaced look he's got. It's slimming!


Madden NFL 09 - IQ Test: Rushing Offense HD [GameTrailers]

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Will Darth Vader and Yoda be showing up in Madden as well? I mean, Madden's got the hologram look. All he needs is some hair buns, and boom, perfect time to beat Soul Calibur 4 at their own Game Cameo game.

Most impressive!