The Confusing Universe of MadWorld and Anarchy Reigns

Going into Anarchy Reigns » 7/17/12 7:00am 7/17/12 7:00am, I knew two things about it. 1) It was made by Platinum Games and 2) you could play as Bayonetta in the multiplayer. And with its Western release pushed to 2013 (despite the full English game being on the Japanese disc), it seemed like a must play. As I went through the game, chopping up…

There May Be More Madworld In The Wii's Future

Platinum Games debut Wii game, the bloody beat 'em up Madworld, may not have been a blockbuster success, but that doesn't rule out the possibility of a sequel. It's actually sounding more like a distinct possibility. » 1/11/10 6:40pm 1/11/10 6:40pm