Lost Planet 3 Needed More Crazy “Capcom-Style” Moments, Says Developer

Lost Planet 3 wasn’t perfect. But, despite being an overly familiar shooter, the story it told and the main character that players controlled manage to feel more meaningful than most other action-centric games out there. It felt like the cast’s relationships to each other and their own feelings were at stake. It… »10/07/13 6:30pm10/07/13 6:30pm

Emotional Videos from a Frozen World Kept Me Playing Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 is rough at times, with boss battles and backtracking that you’ll get frustrated at. But the game’s characters made me want to persevere through its sub-zero challenges. One of the ways you get to know them is in confessional-style videos that pop up every so often in game. Some of them are pretty… »8/28/13 9:40am8/28/13 9:40am

15 Minutes of Lost Planet 3 Footage Introduce New Enemies and Cover Combat

Capcom's trying out a few different things in Lost Planet 3, which is a prequel to the previous two games in their outer-space action series. The chunk of gameplay above comes from a live demo done at Gamescom 2012 and shows off some of the new Akrid creatures you'll be battling, as well as the snowy landscapes… »8/27/12 9:30am8/27/12 9:30am

Lost Planet 3 Goes Back to the Bug-Blasting Basics and Adds Horror

Sporting a story-driven solo campaign and an immersive snow-covered setting, Capcom's early Xbox 360 offering, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, stood out in a sea of samey sci-fi fraggers and me-too military shooters. Sadly, its sequel abandoned the very things-rich narrative, icy environments-that helped its… »4/12/12 5:00pm4/12/12 5:00pm