15 Minutes of Lost Planet 3 Footage Introduce New Enemies and Cover Combat

Capcom's trying out a few different things in Lost Planet 3, which is a prequel to the previous two games in their outer-space action series. The chunk of gameplay above comes from a live demo done at Gamescom 2012 and shows off some of the new Akrid creatures you'll be battling, as well as the snowy landscapes you'll be exploring. And there's mech-suit action, too!


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Terrible fucking idea. I was actually excited for this game after the first demo, but this is just terrible. Cover is such a bad idea. It makes your game generic when the lost planet 2 had such great level design because instead of cover combat it had a grappling hook. It proved that a grappling hook is a greater addition to the third person shooter than cover has been. This is just boring. That combined with the sub par art just make it Gears of war -_- And that overshadows any smart design decisions they might have made in regards to its structure.