Emotional Videos from a Frozen World Kept Me Playing Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 is rough at times, with boss battles and backtracking that you’ll get frustrated at. But the game’s characters made me want to persevere through its sub-zero challenges. One of the ways you get to know them is in confessional-style videos that pop up every so often in game. Some of them are pretty moving. WARNING: MILD SPOILERS FOLLOW.


All the folks in these clips work for a big corporation on a remote, arctic planet and you can tell that they’re lonely. You’ll see main character Jim Peyton gently reaffirming his love to his wife and trying to work out morally just what he’s doing on E.D.N. III. And the sequence with meteorological expert Bonnie Roman stopped me cold at how raw and real it felt.

Granted, these aren’t gameplay sequences but nevertheless they are still the moments where Lost Planet 3 hooked me. The knowledge that the reckless, ethics-be-damned scientist has actual passion and that he has at least one human connection that matters to him made things feel a bit deeper than they seemed at first blush. Kudos to all the voice actors behind these heartfelt moments.

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I'm trying to skip spoilers, so I apologize for not reading the article. My question is, is this a good game to get into the Lost Planet series? I've never played any of the games before and my understanding is that this is a prequel. I love story-driven games, so I'm starting to get curious about LP3. Worth it if I don't know anything else about the previous games?