The Most Insane Minecart Levels In Video Games

There was a time when mines and minecarts dominated video games. If a platformer or RPG didn't have a mine stage or a mine-themed dungeon, it wasn't a game. We felt like mines—where actual mining was eschewed in favor of racing around on minecarts—were the most natural things in the world, just as common as forests. » 2/15/13 5:00pm 2/15/13 5:00pm

Frankenreview, Lego Indiana Jones (Xbox 360)

Who knew that combining little plastic blocks with blockbuster movie trilogies could prove so charming? LucasArts and Traveller's Tales captured lighting in a bottle with the Lego Star Wars series of games, with the lighthearted take on some of the most icon characters and stories in science fiction history capturing… » 6/04/08 2:30pm 6/04/08 2:30pm