The History of Indiana Jones Video Games

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So, if seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull left you a little disappointed, and you're twiddling your thumbs until Friday's Tuesday's release of Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, fire up your emulators, British Gaming Blog has a chronology of every video game tied to the high-adventure series.


The list details the 10 and upcoming 11th (Lego Indiana Jones on June 6) and 12th (a TBA action title later) games featuring Dr. Jones. Ahhhhh but they left one out!!! Neener-neener this is why I posted it, to make myself look smart! Midscape released "Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom" for Commodore 64 in 1984 - and it deliberately did not include an instruction manual. "No one told Indiana Jones the rules. And no one will tell you."

It was a puzzle game, and definitely not rendered with the kind of appeal the Lego games have. Death consisted largely of being hit by a bird or falling from a great height, then running off the screen in a panic as a funeral dirge played. It was hard and stupid. But because it was Indiana Jones, I felt compelled to play it.

That hooks back into my feeling about Crystal Skull. I was gonna see it no matter how badly it was reviewed, and pretty much everyone except Roger Ebert put a butt-hurting on it. I felt very much like I did during the Star Wars Prequels. After coming out of Attack of the Clones, I told a friend: "George Lucas has created a new moviegoing experience. The Joyless Obligation." And now it's infiltrated the Indiana Jones franchise.

Hey, we're not the only ones. Sex and the City fans probably know what I'm talking about after this weekend, too.

Indiana Jones and the History of his Video Games [British Gaming Blog]


I really like Factor 5's Indiana Jones trilogy for the SNES. I've played "the Last Crusade" to death on the Spectrum and later Amiga 500. I have to admit, its part of my childhood.

Everyone critizices the new movie, I went to see and was very happy with it. It's just harder to take all that in because...well, because were not 10 any more and we perceive such things differently now.

Lego Indiana Jones is still in my "to buy" list. :)