Lego Indiana Jones Demo On Xbox Live

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Despite my excitement over the whole melding Lego with Indiana Jones business, I've somehow managed to hold off picking up Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. I've had the game in my hands several times for several systems, but for some reason I've always balked before getting to the register. Not even Crecente's review could help me decide. Now I get a chance to find out if I was right or wrong to hold off as a demo for the game hits Xbox Live. Presumably the same demo that was released for the PC in early May, the Xbox version weighs in at 619MB, so be sure to measure that sack of sand correctly before swapping it out.




There has been a demo out there for years now. It's called Lego Star Wars.

There is nothing different about the 2. You even hunt down and unlock Star Wars characters in the Indy game. Don't get me wrong I played them both to 100% complete and am planning to get Batman as well. I just think a demo at this point is pointless.