Lego Indiana Jones PC Demo Released

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PC gamers eager to get an early taste of Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures now have their chance! LucasArts has released the playable demo for the title, which spans Indy's first three movie adventures and features what seems like more characters than actually appeared in all three films combined. The demo is now available on the Games For Windows website, weighing in at a modest 464 megs, which means that at my current crappy internet speeds I shall be able to tell you how it is sometime next week. Switching to cable was such a brilliant idea.


Lego Indiana Jones Demo {Games For Windows]



My PC meets the minimum specs (for once), but I can't bring myself to download. Anyone else have a natural aversion to PC gaming? I just can't convince myself that I'm not working when I'm sitting at a desk with a mouse and keyboard. It's really weird. The last PC game I beat was Grim Fandango. The last one I bought was Bone, when Kotaku announced it was available for download. But it's cool LucasArts is showing some support for PC gamers after their lousy excuse for not gracing personal computers with The Force Unleashed.