These New Robo Skins For League Of Legends Are Super Cool

One of the most popular skins last year in League of Legends was PROJECT: Yasuo, a special outfit that made the samurai warrior look like an extra from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Shocking as it might sound, Riot saw how much fans liked this new robo-Yasuo and decided to make five more PROJECT skins this year. »9/02/15 12:40pmWednesday 12:40pm

Riot’s Idea For Punishing Ranked League Of Legends Players Seemed Harsh [UPDATE]

UPDATE (5:30 pm): Riot’s Jeffrey Lin has issued a follow up statement to the one this post originally covered, saying that he had made “a huge blunder” in his ask.fm post about the developer’s plans for the 2015 season rewards. While he originally said that all League of Legends ranked player who received any kind of… »8/21/15 12:46pm8/21/15 12:46pm

The New League Of Legends Mobile Game Is Good Simple Fun

If League of Legends were a mobile game, I like to think it’d be something like a slickly produced version of last year’s sleeper hit Flappy Bird: cute, charming, distressing at its difficult low points and dizzying at its high ones. Riot probably feels differently about this, as evidenced by Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup. »8/20/15 3:45pm8/20/15 3:45pm