League Of Legends Is Bringing Back An Old System To Deal With Jerks

When Riot unveiled its tribunal system for League of Legends in 2011, it sounded like one of the most ambitious plans to improve standards in a gaming community a developer had tried. Inviting players to participate in a democratic process to judge their peers seemed groundbreakingly egalitarian. Oftentimes, it was.
» 5/04/15 6:15pm Monday 6:15pm

Top League Player Returns To Old Team After Losing Badly With New One

The Daily Dot revealed yesterday that rockstar Swedish League of Legends player Martin “Rekkles” Larsson is joining the European pro team Fnatic. Transers happen all the time in eSports, of course. What made this one interesting was that Rekkles had just left Fnatic last November. The prodigal son returns!
» 5/01/15 10:50am Friday 10:50am

Top League Of Legends Player Retires Following Persistent Wrist Injury

Hai Lam, the team captain and accomplished player for the North American League of Legends eSports team Cloud9, has been pushed into retirement due to a longstanding wrist injury. While Hai said that he’ll stay on in C9 as its “Chief Gaming Officer,” his departure comes at a critical time for his beleaguered team. » 4/24/15 12:30pm 4/24/15 12:30pm

League Of Legends Players Are Rebelling Against Overpriced Stuff

League of Legends changes in big ways with alarming frequency. The game’s tens of millions of players have learned to never be shy about letting Riot know they don’t like something, therefore—usually by writing a strongly-worded forum post. This week, angry fans are doing something much more elaborate. And awesome. » 4/09/15 6:10pm 4/09/15 6:10pm

Now This Is How You Steal The Other Team's Baron In League Of Legends

Killing Baron Nashor in League of Legends grants a number of highly valuable rewards that’ll help carry a team to victory. But doing so is risky. Players often have to group together to attack the big scary monster, meaning a clever opponent can easily ambush them. Or worse: steal the kill. » 4/09/15 2:40pm 4/09/15 2:40pm

One Of League Of Legends' Oldest Champions Just Got A Surprise Makeover

League of Legends has been such a popular online game for so long that its developer has had to treat updating it the way New York City handles its subway system: bits and pieces might be altered in tiny increments, but the overarching system never truly stops moving. So much for console generations. » 4/08/15 12:45pm 4/08/15 12:45pm