How A Joke About Reddit Making An eSports Team Spiraled Out Of Control

“Oh here’s a new message I just got: ‘get the fuck away from League and git gud fagboy,’” Will Debassige said last night over Skype. He’s been getting a lot of messages like that lately. And just a week ago, before everyone on League of Legends subreddit seemed to hate him, nobody even knew who he was. » 5/20/15 5:47pm 5/20/15 5:47pm

Why Riot Tweaks League Of Legends To Make It Better For Its Best Players

A frequent topic of discussion in the League of Legends community is: who, exactly, is Riot incessantly tweaking and updating its game for? Does the developer prioritize the eSports stars, high-ranking amateurs, or more casual players? They don’t go to the very top of the food chain, it turns out. But they get close. » 5/19/15 12:45pm 5/19/15 12:45pm

League of Legends Pro Quits, Burns Every Bridge On His Way Out

Burnt out and tired of playing for a losing team, professional League of Legends player Austin “Link” Shin announced last night that he was leaving the game. He did so in a bombastic way: writing an 18-page screed that called out nearly all his former teammates, coaches, and ultimately the game itself.
» 5/14/15 6:00pm 5/14/15 6:00pm