Why Blizzard Ditched In-Game Items For Heroes Of The Storm

One major difference between Heroes of the Storm and its competitors Dota 2 and League of Legends is the game’s “talent system” that eschews individual character experience and items players can purchase from an in-game shop. Was Blizzard just trying to set itself apart by abandoning genre conventions? Not entirely. » 6/23/15 1:10pm 6/23/15 1:10pm

Dota 2 Updates Have League Of Legends Players Threatening To Swap Games

PC gaming supergiant Valve has been teasing out ever-more exciting details about Dota 2 Reborn, a comprehensive overhaul of its MOBA. Snazzy features like a new client, new custom game modes, even a whole new engine for the game thrilled Dota 2 players. They’ve also left another group of people very, very unhappy. » 6/17/15 5:45pm 6/17/15 5:45pm

League Of Legends Player Hits Highest Rank With The Weirdest Character

Very few League of Legends players will ever make it to Challenger, the highest rank in the ultra-competitive multiplayer game. Fewer still will reach the upper-most echelons of League’s ranked mode by only playing as a single character. And until this morning, I didn’t think anybody would do that with Heimerdinger. » 6/11/15 6:10pm 6/11/15 6:10pm

League Of Legends Commentator Suspended For 'Tampering' With Pro Teams

The high profile European League of Legends broadcaster Martin “Deficio” Lynge was suspended from commentating on upcoming League Championship Series (LCS) games this week. His suspension is punishment for not telling Riot he was negotiating for a job on one of the pro teams that falls under his purview of coverage. » 6/04/15 3:30pm 6/04/15 3:30pm