This Is a Marathon. A Cosplay Marathon.

The next Tokyo Marathon takes place in late February. Last fall it was named one of the six World Marathon Majors, joining the likes of New York, Boston, London, and more. But, the Tokyo Marathon is just filled with your typical marathon runners. There are also a noticeable group of cosplay runners dressed up as anime… » 1/21/13 7:20am 1/21/13 7:20am

McDonald's McRib: The Limited Time Only Snacktaku Review

It's finally time—time for McDonald's menus across the country to run red with pale pork shoulder drenched in barbecue sauce. The Jesus of fast food has returned, as foretold by prophecy and marketing. » 12/17/12 4:00pm 12/17/12 4:00pm

Jesus H. Christ, Kinect Star Wars Will Have a Dancing Minigame

Hey, so the ESRB released its ratings certificate for Kinect Star Wars, let's read along: "In this action game, based on the Star Wars universe," mmhm, yeah, "players use their body movements to perform activities," right, gotcha, "that include dance tournaments—" » 12/17/11 4:00pm 12/17/11 4:00pm


A Maryland woman said she was surprised to find what appears to be an image of Jesus Christ on the top of a used Nintendo Entertainment System she purchased on eBay for $31 this week. » 9/27/11 3:00pm 9/27/11 3:00pm

Jesus Explains How To Deal With Negative Forum Comments

Sometiumes people say things in internet forums we don't agree with. In today's Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter JesusChrist tells us how to deal with these unpleasant situations. » 6/02/11 11:20am 6/02/11 11:20am

Religion in Games: Less a Leap of Faith, More a Suspension of Belief

I've no idea why, but it seems no accident that the week before Easter I went back to start over the original Assassin's Creed, the only game I've ever played that is set in the Holy Land. » 4/04/10 1:00pm 4/04/10 1:00pm