Correction: Jack Thompson Wanted Best Buy to Not Sell M-Rated Games To…

We recently reported that violent video game critic Jack Thompson asked Best Buy in October to not sell M-rated games. He actually wants them to not sell them to kids, asserting that "Some of these 'Mature' games, in addition to containing adult levels of violence, also contain sexual, pornographic material, so much… » 1/13/13 5:48pm 1/13/13 5:48pm

Thompson Won't Fight Disbarment in Florida

Controversial anti-gaming attorney Jack Thompson will not seek to have a motion for a rehearing filed on his behalf with the Supreme Court of Florida. Rather Thompson says that he will seek to have the federal courts intervene on the ruling that would disbar him for life. "I will focus on the federal suit and will… » 9/30/08 3:00pm 9/30/08 3:00pm