Correction: Jack Thompson Wanted Best Buy to Not Sell M-Rated Games To Kids

We recently reported that violent video game critic Jack Thompson asked Best Buy in October to not sell M-rated games. He actually wants them to not sell them to kids, asserting that "Some of these 'Mature' games, in addition to containing adult levels of violence, also contain sexual, pornographic material, so much… » 1/13/13 5:48pm 1/13/13 5:48pm

GamePolitics Calls Out Lowenstein for Thompson Comments

Yesterday, we posted a letter from former ESA boss Doug Lowenstein » 9/28/08 4:30pm 9/28/08 4:30pm chastising the gaming press for giving everyone's favorite soon-to-be-former-lawyer Jack Thompson, claiming that we "treated him as if he was a credible, fair minded critic" (we did?) and overcovered him (and Crecente admitted that on that point, it's…