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Remember that bill Jack Thompson's banking his post-lawyer career on? It passed by a landslide in Utah's House of Representatives.


The bill, HB 353, imposes even stiffer fines on video game retailers and movie theaters should they provide M- or R-rated products to minors in direct violation of their own store policies.

Amendments to the bill appear to have satisfied objections from game retailers. From what I can tell, language choices clarify that retailers cannot get in trouble if "a buyer subject to age restrictions" (note how they don't use the word minor or person under age 18) lies about their age to the retailer.

Still, passing that bill 70-2? It doesn't have much of an effect on the industry, but it does mean we might be seeing more of Thompson as he builds himself a legislative career.


GamePolitics live-blogged the webcast of the House session and was the lucky recipient of Thompson's comment on the vote:

"70-2. This is a huge victory for parents everywhere. The bill, by the amendments we fashioned, is better. Now we go on to the Senate, where I expect passage, with the Governor then likely to sign it into law!"


If HB 353 clears the state Senate, the law will go into effect January 1, 2010. That's plenty of time to relocate to some other state.

BREAKING: Jack Thompson Bill Under Discussion in Utah House [GamePolitics]

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