Did Game Writers Create Jack Thompson?

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Over the weekend we ran a Letter to the Editor from former Entertainment Software Association president Doug Lowenstein. In it, Lowenstein takes game journalists to task for giving Thompson a soap box to stand on and, to some degree, says the media helped create Thompson. He then says that instead of celebrating the seemingly inevitable disbarment of Thompson, journalists should take this time to reflect on whether their coverage has matured over the years. What do you think? Did the media make Jack?


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Real Game Journalists did not create Jack Thompson. They merely reported on the news in an unbiased (sometimes uninformed) way.

Fake Game Journalists, aka: Bloggers, aka: Kotaku, aka: Destructoid most certainly did help create Jack Thompson as an anti-Parenting lawyer. For the record, I say anti-Parenting because anyone who believes censorship or outright embargoes are the answer are people who don't believe proper parenting and instructing to be a higher priority.

However, bloggers aren't the only ones to blame here. So is anyone who ever commented on any news or blog item about Thompson in which they prove just how unintelligent gamers can be by being complete jackasses in their responses to the stories. If you measure the ratio of intelligent comments to moronic comments, I'm sure it's at least 1:10.

* These people are, to Jack, proof that video games were ruining society. He sees them as mentally affected by video games and believes they will grow up to be hooligan manchildren.

* These are the people who grow so furious to hear about Jack's antics they are willing to espouse upon them for hours and hours in their own blogs or even-longer comments.

* These are the people doing Jack's work for Jack without Jack lifting a finger.

Because bloggers built up a rapport with Thompson to the point they could actually get replies from him whenever they sent off an e-mail, Thompson realized he could get his message out there without having to get off his ass. He did so, gleefully I'm sure. He did so to the point that he was cocky enough to go into a courtroom and believe that hysterical antics would keep him from being disbarred. He believed himself to be invincible because even if he lost his job, he would still be able to send e-mails to bloggers everywhere and keep his anti-Parenting agenda in the minds of the readers.

Let's face it Crecente, if Jack sends you e-mails after he's disbarred, you're still going to post them. And that is why you and many like you have made Jack Thompson what he is. An out of work, anti-Parenting, fucking crazy old man in Florida.