Thompson's Final Pleading Most Likely Heard

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Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court considered ex-lawyer-mans Jack Thompson's request to help him get back to current lawyer-mans land. It's not expected to get very far.

Keep in mind, what the Supreme Court considered yesterday was not Thompson's case, but simply his request that they hear his case to overturn the "enhanced disbarment" the Florida Bar handed him last year. For you Scotus N00bs, he's asking for a writ of certiorari, which is pronounced SERSH-e-o-RARE-eye. Simply granting one is a big deal, because it means the Court considers it to be an important case, often one that has matters of law that need to be settled for the nation at large.

Thompson's law license doesn't really fall into that category. Then again, the Court did hear Anna Nicole Smith's case. But Court watchers are not expecting the Court to grant cert, and the Florida Bar didn't even bother to waste its time responding to Thompson's appeal to the Supremes. The results of this conference will be announced at a later date, but it's likely the final spadeful of dirt was smoothed over the grave of Thompson's legal career yesterday.


U.S. Supreme Court Considers Jack Thompson's Disbarment Today [GamePolitics]

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Is there still a line to dance over Mr. Thompson's proverbial grave or will there be a dance club erected over it?

There's got to be millions of gamers that want to do this.