Thompson Bill Passed By Utah Senate

The bill from former lawyer Jack Thompson passed by a landslide the Utah House of Representatives earlier this month. It has now also passed in the Utah Senate.


The bill, HB 353, imposes even stiffer fines on video game retailers and movie theaters should they provide M- or R-rated products to minors in direct violation of their own store policies.

From what we can tell, language choices clarify that retailers cannot get in trouble if "a buyer subject to age restrictions" (note how they don't use the word minor or person under age 18) lies about their age to the retailer.

Drafted by Thompson, the bill passed by a 25-4 margin. However, it was amended by the Senate to apply to all sales (including internet), and it went back to the House, where the amendment was approved. Next stop, the desk of Utah Governor Jon M. Hunstman, Jr., who can either sign the bill into law or veto it.

Now, Utah Bill Races Against the Clock [GamePolitics]

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