Kneel Before Zod...'s Awesome and Informative Injustice Trailer

As promised, General Zod, the super-powered Kryptonian tyrant, is now available as a downloadable character for Injustice: Gods Among Us. As an extra, Netherrealm Studios threw in a bit of a history lesson discussing Zod's past, his motivations, and his uncanny ability to shove people through the moon's core. »7/03/13 7:20am7/03/13 7:20am

General Zod and Man of Steel ’s Superman Fly Into Injustice Next Month

With the Man of Steel movie debuting as a big hit, it’s no surprise that the movie’s version of Superman will be coming to the fighting game featuring the DC Universe’s biggest heroes and villains. And the Man of Steel skin will be joined by a playable General Zod add-on, who we first saw in action in a Conan O’Brien »6/21/13 11:00am6/21/13 11:00am

This is Not the Injustice: Gods Among Us You're Waiting For, But It's Not Too Shabby

As comic book and fighting game fans anxiously await the April 16 release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment deliver a tiny taste of the alternate-reality DC Universe battle royale in the form of a gorgeous little free fighter with collectible card tendencies. »4/04/13 3:00pm4/04/13 3:00pm

Injustice Gets a Little More Villainous by Adding Black Adam. You Can Try Him Out at PAX East.

Right now, it looks like dev studio NetherRealm is trying to account for as many of DC Comics' heaviest hitters in Injustice »3/21/13 3:15pm3/21/13 3:15pm as possible. They've just announced that Shazam's archenemy will be flying into the fray. Teth-Adam will be joined by Raven, the half-demon empath who's been a stalwart of the Teen Titans…