A couple of weeks ago, you might've seen Superman kill the Joker in cold blood in the prequel comics that build the backstory for upcoming fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us. You could argue that Batman's archenemy had it coming since he's a psychopathic mass murderer. But as the series has continued, The Man of Steel has pulled off stunts that can only be called naïve, stupid or straight-up maniacal.

After Lois Lane dies at the hands of the Joker, Kal-El sulks. And doesn't shave.


Then he deposes a head of state in a fictional country. The people seemed to be down with this extra-legal extradition.

That's followed by a revelation of his secret identity in a U.N. press conference filled with self-loathing.


Okay, sure, the Joker might have been deserving of retribution. But what about these American soldiers that Superman killed? That's right. Kal-El straight-up explodes a combat chopper full of U.S. servicemen who were presumably just following orders. That ain't right.

Update: After re-reading, it's clear that Superman destroys an unmanned drone, and not a manned helicopter.


So, what does the U.S. goverment do after Superman wantonly dispatches their troops? They go after Clark Kent's parents with a kill squad led by Flash villain Mirror Master. That's what you get after rather stupidly revealing your Earth name, Superman.

Clearly this version of the DC Comics icon doesn't have super-intelligence. It's clear that the creative and editorial teams are using the leeway of a tie-in product to craft a Superman who diverges from previous portayals. That'd be fine, if the results didn't feel goofy and out of whack. There's only a few weeks until Injustice comes out for Wii U Xbox 360 and PS3. I, for one, can't wait to kick Superman's ass.