Batgirl Sweeps The Evo Injustice Grand Finals

Sonic Fox Vs. Pig of the Hut, General Zod Vs. Batgirl — who won? The viewing public. Also, Batgirl. Update: Now with smooth video of the entire finals.

Though Pig of the Hut managed to squeak by Sonic Fox in the winner's finals of Evo's Injustice: Gods Among Us tournament, Sonic Fox battled his way through the loser's finals for a rematch. riding that momentum straight through Pig of the Hut. First he won three games to reset the bracket, then another three to win it all.


This makes me want to be a better Injustice player.

Update: Here's the entire finals, via Twitch.

Watch live video from srkevo1 on TwitchTV

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