You're the One Writing the Story in This Weird, Beautiful Sci-Fi Game

Usually, games that happen beyond Earth's atmosphere take you to planets teeming with life. Meeting creatures with tentacles where hair or hands should be or with strangely angled mandibles isn't uncommon in sci-fi games. But, none of that happens in Elegy for Dead World, which we got a chance to see at PAX East… »4/13/14 3:00pm4/13/14 3:00pm

Sony's Latest Shot at Microsoft Comes on a T-Shirt You Can't Get [Update: Microsoft is Amused]

Last night, Sony held an indie showcase event at Neumo's, a Seattle music venue that epitomized underground cool. PlayStation exec Adam Boyes took the stage to re-affirm the company's commitment to working with indies and third-party partners and announced a handful of new games. Whiles most of the games looked… »8/31/13 12:30pm8/31/13 12:30pm

QWOP Creator Ponders: What If A Game Remained Free So Long As You Didn't Suck At It?

Sound crazy? The idea comes from the Game Developers Conference, during an "Indie Soapbox" where developers took the stage to talk about indie game development. Ben Foddy, who is behind the ever-ridiculous QWOP, had some out-there ideas about how people pay for games—but that's what makes them rad. »3/27/13 3:30pm3/27/13 3:30pm