Harrison Ford's Injury May Have Completely Screwed Up Episode VII

Uh-oh. Please take out your official Star Wars: Episode VII Salt Lick, but now that it's been officially revealed that Harrison Ford's leg is broken, the rumor is he'll be sidelined for six full months — which means the movie's either getting delayed or massively rewritten. » 6/23/14 10:46am 6/23/14 10:46am

Watch the intense first trailer for Ender's Game right now!

Harrison Ford transforms into Colonel Hyrum Graff for the very first trailer of Gavin Hood's Ender's Game. It's so damn shiny! » 5/07/13 1:07pm 5/07/13 1:07pm

Harrison Ford's Big Mug Is All Over Tokyo's Shinjuku

Uncharted 3 spokesperson Indiana Jones Harrison Ford is currently plastered all over Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, and not for his latest movie, but for a video game. » 11/01/11 6:20am 11/01/11 6:20am

Here's Harrison Ford. Playing Uncharted. [Updated]

National treasure Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, your childhood) has popped up in an unlikely place: A Japanese television commercial for Uncharted 3. » 10/19/11 1:30am 10/19/11 1:30am

Harrison Ford Helps Create Eco-Friendly Facebook Game

The man that brought Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and countless important men with kidnapped families to life takes a stab at game design, helping game studio Talkie create Ecotopia, a Facebook city building game that's all about going green. » 3/07/11 12:30pm 3/07/11 12:30pm