Lester from GTA V Can Kick Butt, Too

Most of the time you see Lester, the awkward mastermind behind GTA V's high-stakes robberies fits the stereotype of a maladjusted shut-in who doesn't know how to do things with people. It's a different story on the street of Los Santos. Lester will straight up take your bike and stomp a fool. » 3/27/15 11:00am Friday 11:00am

The Good (And Bad) Of GTA V's Extraordinary New Online Heists

I peer through my night vision goggles. The hall ahead seems clear. "Evan, you good?" Standing to my left, my partner indicates he is. "Let's move up." » 3/19/15 3:00pm 3/19/15 3:00pm

One Crucial Tip For Surviving GTA Online's Heists

Last week, GTA Online added 4-player cooperative heists. If you've been waiting until now to hop in and start playing, I've got a tip that'll make it much easier to survive your first big score: Pack lots of snacks. » 3/16/15 5:00pm 3/16/15 5:00pm

GTA Players Beat All of The Heists Without Ever Dying

GTA Online's "Heists" update has a special challenge that most players will find impossible to pull off. Called the "Mastermind Challenge," the task requires players to complete every heist in order, with the same team members, on hard, with no deaths. At all. No pressure! » 3/16/15 2:00pm 3/16/15 2:00pm

GTA Online Heists Bring About Server Issues [Update]

As has become par for the course with this sort of thing, the much-anticipated launch of GTA Online's multiplayer heists has resulted in some woeful server troubles. We've been unable to connect or play all day, and we're definitely not alone. » 3/10/15 9:23pm 3/10/15 9:23pm

GTA V Player Finally Nails Stunt After 16 Frustrating Tries

The thing that makes this video so hard to turn away from isn't the success. It's all the stubbornness of trying to get there. » 2/19/15 1:30pm 2/19/15 1:30pm

The Most Bad-Ass Door in GTA V

The vast majority of operable doors in Los Santos open with just a nudge. Some of them need some coaxing, with keys, bullets, cards or what-have-you. But there's one barrier in GTA V that ain't having any of that. Men call it... "thug door." » 2/16/15 4:46pm 2/16/15 4:46pm

GTA Game Slowly Descends Into Glitch Hell

At first, it's a few small oddities. The floating car glitch we've seen before. A character model disappearing for a few seconds. But, by the time that this drug-running mission in Grand Theft Auto Online ends, everything's gone to hell. Or heaven, by the looks of it. » 1/09/15 4:30pm 1/09/15 4:30pm

Christmas Will Last Longer In GTA Online, Due To Xbox Live, PSN Outages

Rockstar Games has changed its plans and decided to continue to give out Christmas gifts in Grand Theft Auto Online at least a day after Christmas, since so many players were unable to grab them on the 25th. » 12/26/14 4:35pm 12/26/14 4:35pm

Here's What GTA Online's Heists Will Look Like

Good news: Rockstar's showing a look at the online heists GTA V players have been waiting for. Bad news: there's still no release date, with only a broad time period of early 2015 mentioned. » 12/16/14 10:26am 12/16/14 10:26am

Watch In Agony As GTA V Racing Teammates Screw Themselves Over

When you're trying to set a world record for rally racing, it's not a good idea to ignore the guy telling you when to turn. » 12/10/14 12:07pm 12/10/14 12:07pm

Heists are finally coming to GTA Online, Rockstar said today—the much-delayed multiplayer feature will go live during the first update after the game comes out on PS4 and Xbox One next week. No word on when that update will go live, but heists will be available on all four consoles. » 11/13/14 12:23pm 11/13/14 12:23pm

Guy Lands Perfect Falcon Punch, Opponent Just Quits

If you think "I've done some pretty amazing Falcon Punches before", just ask yourself: did your opponent just quit the game after you did it? And, as always, much more! » 10/20/14 2:30pm 10/20/14 2:30pm

One Player's Quest To Play GTA Online Without Murdering Anyone

Grand Theft Auto and chaos go hand in hand—every game brings us new ways to explore violence and crime. But what happens when you eschew those values and try to play as a peaceful citizen who contributes to society? » 10/09/14 2:00pm 10/09/14 2:00pm

The Most Intense League Of Legends Match Ever

In addition to our usual roundup of amazing plays and glitches, this weekend's League of Legends tournament brought one of the most incredible moments in the game. Also, an amazing play in CS:GO from Dreamhack, and more! » 9/29/14 6:30pm 9/29/14 6:30pm