GTA Online Is Getting A Big New Heist You Can Play Solo If You Want

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Rockstar Games announced that Grand Theft Auto Online’s biggest update ever will be released on December 15, adding a brand new island, new radio stations, a new armed submarine, and a huge heist that can be completed with friends or solo.

Yesterday, Rockstar teased this new update, The Cayo Perico Heist, with a short video showing off the new location. While GTA Online has had small map expansions, with some new interiors being added to the game world, this is the first major map expansion since the game first released back in 2013.

For the first time in GTA Online, players will be able to complete a large heist solo. Previously, all heists required more than one player, which often meant folks would have to rely on random players or corralling friends together. Now, solo players will be able to pull off a heist, though it might be harder depending on how you choose to rob the new private island. You can also still bring along up to three other players if you want.


It’s not just a big new island and solo heist being added in December. Rockstar also announced new radio stations featuring over 100 news songs. After playing GTA Online for seven years, I’m always happy about new music, and this is the most we’ve gotten at once in GTA Online history.

All of this is coming next month on December 15.

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For those who actually have a competent crew of friends to do heists with, they’ll roll their eyes at this, but as a solo player, this is huge. For those wanting this content in single player, try using the “suspend process” trick for PC. Not sure if there is an equivalent for console, but I’d bet there is. If you don’t mind losing out on free-roam stuff, you can always use the private session feature.