Lazlow Saved Grand Theft Auto's Radio Station Master Recordings from Superstorm Sandy

Lazlow Jones co-wrote the radio scripts for all the Grand Theft Auto games (save Chinatown Wars, of course) going back to III, and appears as a radio personality in all of the games. He also, evidently, has all of the master copies of the recordings. In his home. Which is on Long Island. Or, well, a barrier island off… »12/24/12 11:00am12/24/12 11:00am

Want to Turn San Andreas Into Your Own Private Gotham? There's a Mod For That.

Wouldn't it be awesome to be Batman? I mean, without all of the angst, perhaps. And without the years of training. And the constant threat of bodily harm. And the... hmm. Okay, you know what? Forget being Batman. I just want the cool parts of being Batman. The Batmobile and the suit and the jumping and, most… »7/30/12 7:00pm7/30/12 7:00pm

When Grand Theft Auto Let Iranian Teenagers Do Things They Could Only Dream Of

It's a proud part of American mythology that people from all over the world get to come here and pursue their dreams. Navid Khonsari has one of those stories. The Iranian-American used to work at Rockstar Games as cinematic director, where he helped steer the vision on games like The Warriors, Midnight Club II and … »6/21/12 4:00pm6/21/12 4:00pm

Come On, Video Games, Let’s See Some Black People I’m Not Embarrassed By

I've never played as a black video game character who's made me feel like he was cool. Worse yet, I've never played a black video game character who made me feel like I was cool. Instead, I've groaned and rolled my eyes at a parade of experiences that continue to tell me video games just don't get black people. »3/29/12 5:00pm3/29/12 5:00pm