Rockstar Delaying GTA Online Stimulus Package Until Bugs Get Fixed

Been waiting for the first chunk of that $500,000 in-game cash infusion that Rockstar promised as a make-good for the bumpy launch of GTA Online. You’re going to have to wait a while longer. The makers of Red Dead Redemption don’t want to throw all that money out in the world until more bugs get killed. »10/25/13 1:23pm10/25/13 1:23pm

GTA Online Players Get $500,000 In-Game Make-Good for Unstable Launch

If you've played GTA Online over the last few days, you might have noticed that things feel a bit better than when the multiplayer portion of GTA V first opened its doors. It takes patience to stick around during a launch as creaky as the one GTA Online had. So Rockstar wants to say thank you by throwing wads of… »10/11/13 8:47am10/11/13 8:47am

Grand Theft Auto Online Makes A Superb Second Impression

I gave Grand Theft Auto Online a chance to make a second impression this morning by spamming on the "retry" button. I had to. The first impression at 7am wasn't so hot. Server woes and all that. But I wasn't going to let Rockstar Games' overburdened online infrastructure keep me from trying this game out. Eventually,… »10/01/13 12:00pm10/01/13 12:00pm