Watch The Creators of Doom, Prince of Persia, Pac-Man And Pitfall! Wax Nostalgic

Not only can you now relive this year's Game Developers Conference keynote from Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, who spoke about the creation of Kirby and the devaluation of games in "Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future," you can experience the best part of GDC 2011: the classic… »3/23/11 9:00pm3/23/11 9:00pm

The Art Project That Took One Convention, 40 Hours And 5,760 Pixels To Complete

Pixel artiste Jude Buffum's interactive art installation "Painting with Pixels" slowly rendered over the course of five days at this year's Game Developers Conference, a project that you can now watch be constructed pixel-by-pixel in just two minutes, fourteen seconds worth of time-lapse photography, thanks to I Am… »3/16/11 3:40pm3/16/11 3:40pm

Bungie Makes Its MMO Official — But It's Not 'Warcraft in Space'

Rumored for more than a month, Bungie's next project is an MMO, the developer confirmed today at GDC 2011. But David Aldridge, the studio's lead network engineer, said it is not "WoW in space," referencing earlier reports of the project. Aldridge did not give any other details, such as a title, but we've already been… »3/04/11 1:15am3/04/11 1:15am